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Fish Ceviche Tray

Includes 12 tostada shells, lemons, salsa & 4 lbs of ceviche

Fish Taco

Fish Tostada

Stingray Taco

Shrimp Taco

Mixed Tostada

Half fish, half shrimp

Authentic Mexican Tacos and More

Authentic Mexican Tacos and More
Welcome to our taco restaurant, where we serve authentic Mexican cuisine. Our menu features a variety of tacos, including carne asada, al pastor, and fish tacos. Each dish is made with fresh, high-quality ingredients to ensure a delicious dining experience. Come and enjoy our flavorful tacos today!

Convenient Taco Pickup and Delivery Options

Convenient Taco Pickup and Delivery Options
Satisfy your taco cravings with our convenient pickup and delivery options. Enjoy authentic Mexican tacos, burritos, and nachos from the comfort of your home. Order online for quick and easy pickup or have your favorite dishes delivered right to your door.

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